Ding All Sun Cure Polyester Repair Kit
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Ding All Sun Cure Polyester Repair Kit

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Ding All’s Original repair kit, re-born with SunCure UV cure resin, is now the standard for most small to medium, polyester Ding repairs when UV light is present and fiberglass cloth is needed. This kit contains Ultra Clear Silmar UV resin, used by most all polyester surfboard manufacturers. The contents for your easy and fast repair include:

- 2oz. Ultra Clear SunCure Resin - Non-Yellowing

- 15cm x 34cm Fiberglass Cloth patch

- Sanding Pad (2 grade - Smooth 120 grit / Rough 80 grit)

- 1 Cup & 3 Mixing Sticks ( Cup is used for mixing chopped cloth to resin to make a filler for small dings)

- 1 Cover Sheet and tape stickers - ( Used to tape over small filler repairs for smooth surface, after 5 minutes sun exposure)

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